January 5, 1998 



by Curtis C. Chen

1 SHE KNOWS WHO SHE IS   "I just want you to know. I'm not missing you yet."   "You will."

2 DOGHOUSE IN THE SKY Will somebody please tell me what kind of @#$&%! parents euthanize the family dog and don't tell their children until a month and a half later?

3 31 DEC 1997: SUNNYVALE Midgard party. Darts with Brent Chapman and Karin Weekly. Boney M's "Rasputin".

4 01 JAN 1998: MOUNTAIN VIEW Haresh Kamath's party. Deconstructing Mr. Hankey. Mmm... Cheesy Poofs...

5 STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE If you're ever in Las Vegas, stop by the Hilton and check it out! Definitely worth the $10 admission price. But avoid if you're allergic to Star Trek or temporal displacement.

6 CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS An irritated René Auberjonois using the hotel courtesy phone... A tuxedoed Garrett Wang signing autographs... A very tall Cirroc Lofton working the crowd... A preoccupied Chase Masterson breezing by... A listless Christopher McDonald dining beside me at Benihaha.

7 PATRICK THE PUP Went to Caesars Palace, visited the Forum Shops, stopped by FAO Schwartz, had to adopt this dog. If you saw him you'd understand.

8 ROAD TRIP Las Vegas, NV, to Davis, CA, in nine hours by car. Not bad, eh?

9 MONOPOLY STAR WARS CD-ROM The toughest game review I've written yet. The hardest part was playing the game enough to truly understand the depths of its cruddiness.

10 STARDESTROYERSPOTTING Usenet Post of the Week, alt.video.laserdisc: "Joke Script Extract From Star Wars!"

11 IRONY Hey Topaz, tell me again how you need a silver ink pen to write on that dark purple envelope?

12 SANDMAN It's all DeeAnn Sole's fault. All of it, I tell you.

13 ANI DIFRANCO More like this, please!

14 BABYLON 5: IN THE BEGINNING Don't tell me anything! I've got it on tape but haven't watched it yet. Looking forward to it when I have some free time this weekend.

15 ACQUAINTANCE Auld or not, it should never be forgot. No regrets.


* with apologies to Jim Mullen
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