I am not an aardvark.

First, some shameless self-promotion:

I've written a few stories. You can read some of them online.

You may be wondering just who the hell I am.

That's a long story. One day you'll be able to read my complete autobiography, I Know I'm Going to Die and It Kind of Freaks Me Out. For now, you'll have to settle for this very rough timeline.

For all you reductionists,

Here's my horribly outdated Geek Code (dude, it mentions Babylon 5 and OS/2):

Version: 3.12
GAT d++(--) s+:- a- C++++ ULS++>++++$ P++>++++$ L++ E+>+++ W+++$ N+(++) o+ K w(+)$ O M- V- PS+ PE Y+ PGP+ t++++ 5+(-) X+ R tv+ b+>+++ DI+++>++++ D++ G+ e++ h r++ y?

According to the Kiersey Temperament Sorter (based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test), I'm an INTJ.

Countries I've visited:

visited 7 countries (3.11%)
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U.S. states I've visited:

Most of these visits occurred during Travels With Our Cats!

visited 31 states (62%)
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