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04/22/2005 Entry: "Taking A Collection"
Posted by CKL @ 02:58 AM PST

The Burninators ("Bern-N-Ader") have published the application details for their Game in July. It's interesting and thematic, but I wonder if they wouldn't mind getting some items which are in the same vein-- "antiquities of the future"-- but not explicitly listed. As a team, we like to inject our own brand of creativity; and as Game Control, we encourage other teams to do the same. Playing The Game can be just as creative an activity as making The Game.

From: Griffiths Collection Info
Date: Apr 21, 2005 2:58 PM
Subject: attending our pre-exhibition donor brunch

Dear Colleague,

Thank you again for your interest in the McGuffin exhibition in
July. The Griffiths Collection has had the good fortune of
receiving many inquiries about this event; more, in fact, than we
have room for at the pre-exhibition brunch. In order to select
whom we can serve, we would be grateful if you could share some
background information about yourself. Specifically, we would
like to know:

Your name:

Your institution's name:

Other representatives of your institution who would like to attend the
pre-exhibition brunch:

How long have you had an interest in antiquities?

What are your specific subjects of most interest (e.g., nautical
timepieces, silver and pewter, rare manuscripts, etc)?

What other collections have you sponsored, or are planning to sponsor
in the future?

While we are greatly looking forward to the McGuffin Exhibition, the
Griffiths Collection also has an eye further to the future. One of
our planned permanent exhibits will display artifacts from the late
20th century that persons from the late *21st* century would find
interesting. Entitled "Antiquities of the Future," we feel this
exhibit will be a fun one for all visitors to our gallery. Although
we have some pieces for this exhibit today, we would be honored if you
could lend us artifacts from your own private collections to put on
display. Specifically, we are looking for representatives from as
much of the following list as we can find:

* A $5 bill prior to series 1999 (i.e., showing a "small" Lincoln

* A Matchbox car from a television show (e.g., Knight Rider or The
Dukes of Hazzard).

* A can or bottle of New Coke, Crystal Pepsi, or Pepsi Free.

* A deck of playing cards with an airline logo back.

* A hypercolor shirt.

* A pair of postcards showing before and after a large structure
existed (e.g., before and after the Golden Gate Bridge was built, or
before and after the Kingdome was razed).

* A professionally-printed map depicting a political state that no
longer exists (e.g., USSR or West Germany).

* An 8" floppy disk.

* An automobile advertisement dated prior to 1985.

* Any campaign paraphernalia for any unsuccessful presidential
candidate prior to 1992.

And, as with any museum piece, in addition to the artifacts themselves
we ask for a brief description of the item, its date of origin, and
how you came by it. Also, per our legal counsel's request, we must
make it clear that we cannot take responsibility for any harm that may
become of your artifacts on loan. Obviously, we will treat your
pieces with the same care as we do our own, but, we can claim no

We will be at the Pulgas Water Temple from 10:00 a.m. to noon Saturday
May 21 and would be happy to meet you and accept your materials. Or,
if you can't come in person, you can send them to Griffiths
Collection, 2309 Rock St. #3, Mountain View, CA 94043. (Please make
sure it arrives by May 21!)

Again, thank you for your interest in the Griffiths Collection. We
will let you know on or before May 23 whether there will be a place
reserved for your institution at our pre-exhibition brunch.


Bernard N. Ader
Executive Director

P.S. If it is not possible for you to attend the opening of the
McGuffin exhibit in July but if you would still like to
contribute to the Griffiths Collections, please contact us. We
have several volunteer opportunities between now and July without
which the exhibition would not be possible.

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