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03/21/2005 Archived Entry: "Star Wars Revelations..."
Posted by Loren @ 06:33 PM PST

I have a news alert set for PayPal and sometimes I get the damnedest stories. A Star Wars fan, his family, and friends devoted every single day of the last three years to create Star Wars Revelations, a fan film of epic proportions. (It was flagged because part of their funding came from PayPal donations.)

The news story convinced me to take a look at the trailer. The special effects are pretty amazing, a solid testament to what can be done with technology these days. The characters and dialogue do sound a little off -- as if they weren't professionally recorded. I am curious about it though and what other fan films have been developed.

On a different note, perhaps the funniest story I've ever gotten (or entry in my news alert) was this.

Since I was at work, I never did click on that last link.

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The fan-produced series "Star Trek: Hidden Frontier" is currently in its sixth season. I've only watched a couple of episodes, and though they're clearly amateur productions, they've got heart, and that counts for something.

Atom Films has been doing the official Star Wars Fan Film Awards for a couple of years now. One year, they even announced the winners in a Sci Fi Channel special hosted by Kevin Smith.

The April 2005 issue of Wired magazine features an article titled "The Man Who Shot Sin City", which describes how Texas-based director Robert Rodriguez makes movies using the latest digital video technology for shooting, editing, and special effects. Like the latest Star Wars films, much of Sin City was shot with actors against green screens, and had backgrounds added digitally in post-production; like "O Brother Where Art Thou", pretty much all of Sin City was digitally re-colored in post to create a very specific look and feel which, in this case, emulates the original black-and-white comic book.

All this new filmmaking technology is great, but a great movie still depends on a solid story and engaging characters. Craftsmen use tools to get the job done. Artists use tools to create.

More info on Sin City:

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier:

Star Wars Fan Film Awards:

Posted by CKL @ 03/23/2005 02:27 AM PST

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