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July 13, 2002

On the Job


"It's like bronzey and coppery, only harder."

The same day that I started my new job (webmaster/producer at PalmSource), I got a call from a local university law school to whom I'd applied for another webmaster job. Through, no less. I had to call them back and express my regrets.

But really, I had applied for the job on June 18th. It took them three weeks to contact me. What does that say about my prospects? Either they're really slow, or I was near the bottom of their list. Hmm.

Still, I guess I spoke too soon about not getting any job leads from Yay! rocks! Or something.


If you're ever bored and want to kill some time, just try turning a physics equation-- for example, the one above for "work"-- into an analogy for a totally unrelated situation.

In the equation above, work (W) equals force (F) times displacement (d) times the cosine of the angle (A) between the F and d vectors. If F and d both point in the same direction, A is zero; similarly, if F and d are at right angles (i.e., orthogonal) to each other, cosine A is zero.

You can apply this to various situations. Go ahead, try it. It's fun! Feel like you've been struggling to get things done at work? Are the customer service people at your phone company not being helpful? Do you have ants every damn where in your house? Just rewrite your troubles as mathematical expressions and they'll seem much less daunting!

Of course, Your Mileage May Vary.

More Later

This has been a busy week... it's funny how little time I have left for personal projects when I spend eight hours a day (or more) at work. Not to mention I was invited to five different parties this week, of which I can attend four. And when am I going to watch all this TV I've been recording?

But there is something coming, Real Soon Now, and it's called "Nuevo Snout." Stay tuned.




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