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June 19, 2000

The TepidSheet

I'm working on a long-overdue article about Star Trek, which seems particularly timely now. Until I finish that, here are some links to keep you busy...

  1. I'm President Clinton and so is my wife! CNN didn't know how to use their IRC software, and one of the audience members was able to impersonate POTUS for a short while during a live chat.

  2. Download DeCSS! Not what you think.

  3. Son of DIVX. This harebrained scheme reminds me of the stories about a certain computer manufacturer deliberately crippling their CPUs because their new microcomputers were running much faster than their existing products. It's using old tech to break new tech. At least DIVX actually used encryption; this is like taking a Sharpie and drawing all over your DVD. Read more commentary at

  4. Maximus Who? In a letter to Science Fiction Weekly, Dale Sproule argues that the movie Gladiator is an alternate history: "The hero Maximus was obviously based on a real Roman general named Maximus, a Spaniard (much like the Russell Crowe character in the film) who led a revolt against the Roman Empire between 400 and 500 A.D." Read more about this in Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire,,'s Timeline of British History, and Celtic History.

  5. "Global warming, hurrah!" Because you can't tell the planet to go put on a sweater.

  6. " WELCOME TO MY HOME PAGE !!!!!!!!! I KISS YOU !!!!! " Do you know Mahir? I know Mahir.

  7. Metropolis: The Musical! No kidding. There's also a comic book. It's never too late for a sequel. Speaking of which...

  8. Go see Return to the Forbidden Planet at the San Jose Stage Company! The Shakespearean, B-grade sci-fi parodying, rock 'n' roll oldies-filled musical comedy runs through July. Not one of those cheesy high-school productions, either.

  9. MaxiVision48 Is this the future of film projection? Probably not, but it's an interesting technical achievement.

  10. makes enemies. People are disparaging and even boycotting the online store which patented a "one-click" ordering system. Not that consumers will care about any of this as long as provides good products at competitive prices with great customer service.

  11. Instant South Park: just add profanity.

  12. "Man Stabbed During Afterlife Lecture; Rapt Audience Doesn't Notice the Attack" This is going to be a great urban legend.

  13. Where's your virtual wallet? Some people have way too much free time.




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