April 5, 1999
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What Non-Aardvarks are Pondering This Week...

by Curtis C. Chen

01 Superluminary premiered on April 1, 1999, but you can still see the trailer. E-mail notorious@snout.org if you want a VHS tape copy of the movie, and stay tuned for more web goodies next month!

02 Argon Zark is a groovarific online comic that takes four-color to the next level, and even features a subtle plug for Snout, despite having no affiliation with me whatsoever. (What can I say? Great minds think alike.)

03 Benjamin I. Goldman has been laboring in obscurity every single day (including April 1st) of his life. Now, finally, his story can be told.

04 MP3 News: "Next to 'sex,' 'MP3' -- a compression technology allowing music to be stored digitally and replayed at CD quality -- is the most widely entered term on Internet searches."

05 virtual product placement was used in a recent episode of UPN's "Seven Days" to add advertisements in post-production. Outrageous! What next-- dead presidents?

06 biomedical technology may soon allow scientists to realize a tricorder-like device for monitoring body functions. But you'd still have to license it from Paramount.

07 E-mail history, October 1969: Leonard Kleinrock, a UCLA computer science professor, sends the first E-mail message to a colleague at Stanford. The computer promptly crashes.

08 The Fable of the Keys: The Economist tells you all about the urban legend surrounding the QWERTY vs. Dvorak keyboard duel.


10 Hump-o-matic. It's amazing what overworked medical students can come up with.

11 Melissa, the malicious E-mail virus, was tracked back to an AOL user by hidden Microsoft document IDs-- but the trace may be faulty. Oh, the irony, it suffocates me.

12 Sony Robotic Dog. I don't know if this is an April Fool's Day joke, but y'know, it's always hard to tell with those wacky Japanese.

13 Linux Riot! I wouldn't call this a joke, really... it's more like satire.

14 iMac Riot! Okay, not really, but Apple's primary iMac production facility in Mexico did burn up this week. Sad? Yes. Tragedy? I doubt it.

15 Episode I will be this year's 800-pound entertainment gorilla. The movie, the toys, the computer games... My advice is to crawl under a rock right now.




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