March 22, 1999
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What Non-Aardvarks are Pondering This Week...

by Curtis C. Chen

00 SUPERLUMINARY: The Notorious BHB will premiere on Thursday, April 1 in the bay area, followed shortly by an extensive web site featuring the movie and the trailer in QuickTime format, behind-the-scenes materials, and a few surprises. Tell your friends!

01 The Oscars. Shakespeare in Love got the artistic nods; Saving Private Ryan got the technical awards; Joseph Fiennes got the shaft.

02 The Webby Awards, labeled "the Oscars of the Internet" by the San Francisco Chronicle, were handed out on March 18, 1999. See the winners!

03 Web Designer Jim Hurley says: "Try turning off Java and Javascript and cookie acceptance. Make your background color orange and your text color green. Set your font size to 36 point. Then go to HotBot."

04 Kevin Mitnick is working on a plea bargain which might get him out of jail next year. Just in time for that big Y2K party in Berkeley.

05 Stanley Kubrick may not have lived to see 2001, but you can see 2001 on New Year's Eve 2000. It's what Stan would have wanted. Really. He told me so.

06 Whither Mulan? The animated Disney feature bombs in mainland China. Pop quiz: do you think it's because (A) it's a non-traditional retelling of a classic myth; (B) pirated copies of the movie have been available since 1998; or (C) shoot the hostage?

07 16:9 is the television aspect ratio of the future, but that kind of time travel will cost you an arm, a leg, one kidney, and lots of floor space.

08 Browser Wars. Are you ready for Netscape Navigator 4.51 and/or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0? Or do you plan to stick with NCSA Mosaic?

09 Cassiopeia. Well, there's good news and bad news about Casio's palmtop computer. The good news: the new E-500 model has a color screen plus support for full-motion video and MP3 audio. The bad news: it runs Windows CE.

10 Computer keyboards have never appealed to Salvador Dali-- until now!

11 Income tax returns are due in less than a month. But don't worry, the government will do everything it can to help you out.

12 Browser stats. Not like you care or anything.




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