January 4, 1999

CKL's HotSheet *

What Non-Aardvarks are Pondering This Week...

by Curtis C. Chen

01 New Year's Resolutions Why raise your standards when you can lower your expectations?

02 torture Iranian police arrested the head of a computer company for torturing female employees with whips and chains and videotaping the abuse. And you think sexual harrassment is a problem in this country.

03 history As Microsoft demonstrates: in the information age, history is written by the CD-ROM publisher.

04 Larry Ellison The Silicon Valley mogul's yacht limped into port, winner of the Sydney-Hobart race but having lost four crew members. Were I an insensitive bastard, I might make a snide remark on the irony of the ill-fated vessel's name: Sayonara.

05 Brandon Beussink A federal judge rules in favor of this student's web site, which features criticism of his high school. It's a John Hughes movie waiting to happen.

06 Infinital One Like the iMac's compact packaging but can't stand the innards? Try One.

07 assassins Britain's National Crime Squad (NCS) blames the country's growing number of murders-for-hire on Hollywood movies featuring killers.

08 Rio PMP300 Carl Steadman asks: "[D]id it have to be black? In audio components, it seems, black means high tech, silver means solid state, yellow means waterproof, woodgrain means you picked it up at Goodwill, and anything else means it's My First Sony."

09 SpaceIsland.com You can spend two weeks in orbit for only $25,000! (Oxygen not included.)

10 Poetry at the End of the Rainbow

11 Y2K Prepare for the Millennium with some Japanese food.

12 The Rocky Horror Picture Show The cult movie is ending a 22-year run in Berkeley, California.

13 RealHamster Frighteningly enough, this is a parody of a real web site.

14 The Euro Europe's new unified currency went into use this week.

15 Wide Open Windows " Silicon Graphics unveiled the latest graphical interface for its IRIX 7.0 beta operating system ... The Wide Open Windows environment has a look and feel comparable to that of the recent Pixar release A Bug's Life ... Microsoft has already begun development on a similar ant-colony-based product to be released a month ahead of IRIX 7.0 called MS Antz. "




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