September 21, 1998



by Curtis C. Chen

01 MICRODRIVES IBM has developed a miniature hard drive which stores 340MB on a one-square-inch card. They'll be used in the new "Chatty Cathy 2000" dolls.

02 BOXES? Software don't need no stinkin' boxes.

03 JOHN GLENN America's oldest astronaut will go up on the Space Shuttle at the end of this month. NASA has developed freeze-dried Geritol especially for this mission.

04 BILL CLINTON His "Too Hot for the Grand Jury" videotape hits the airwaves today.

05 DOG DNA Canine genetic material aided a conviction in a murder case. The story is in development as a TV movie: "Twelve Angry Mutts".

06 LAUGH TRACKS TV producers are still using canned laughter from shows as old as I Love Lucy. And paying royalties in 1957 dollars, too.

07 LITIGATION An amorous couple wants to sue a hotel for not providing sufficiently sturdy beds. But they can't decide whether to go to The People's Court or Judge Judy.

08 FORK IN THE HEAD "because flawed web sites deserve a fork in the head."

09 ROBOT RACES Competitions featured at the San Francisco Exploratorium on September 20: Sumo, Mini-Sumo, Rope Climbing, Maze Navigating, and Boring the Audience Out of Their Freakin' Minds.

10 MISS AMERICA The TV broadcast of this year's pageant drew 20% fewer viewers than last year. Yet another example of how the Internet is eroding traditional media markets...


* with apologies to Jim Mullen

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