August 24, 1998



by Curtis C. Chen

01 PILLOW TALK In French, even the sentence "Do not stick your hand out to dogs you don't know" sounds sexy. Or so I've been told.

02 CONSTELLATIONS Ignore the horoscopes, turn on JavaScript, and look at the pictures that go with the star formations. Then tell me with a straight face that the ancients weren't smoking some serious weed.

03 MONOPOLY® The popular board game will get a new token in 1999, and you can vote on what that token will be! (Sorry, no write-ins.)

04 QUANTUM COMPUTING If Windows crashes and nobody's around to see it, does the screen still cast a deathly pale blue glow?

05 CO-NAVIGATOR A groovy new way to browse the web. It's simultaneous surfing, baby.

06 GREEN EGGS AND HAMLET Shakespeare meets Dr. Seuss in a collision of high culture and pop culture. I'll bet these guys play You Don't Know Jack, too.

07 VETERANS A Minnesota teen was sentenced to see Saving Private Ryan after being convicted of vandalizing a veterans' cemetary and then claiming not to know what a veteran is. I shudder to think what the penalty might be for polluters who don't know what global warming is.

08 SEX No... really?

09 OSAMA BIN LADEN Never mind what he said; didn't anybody in the State Department ever watch The Princess Bride? Never get involved in a land war in Asia!

10 DVD What hackers say to copy protection architects: "No problem, dudes. You keep makin' 'em, we'll keep breakin' 'em."


* with apologies to Jim Mullen

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