August 3, 1998



by Curtis C. Chen

01 THE GLOBAL VENTURE I made this! ...well, I helped, anyway.

02 FREEFALL It's back! (Finally!)

03 BOWIENET Punk rocker David Bowie is launching his own ISP. Sorry, and are already taken.

04 WEBTV You don't think Microsoft will try to shoehorn Windows CE into these set-top boxes? Be afraid, be very afraid.

05 EINSTEIN-PODOLSKY-ROSEN CORRELATION The secret to quantum teleportation can now be told. (Not that it'll do you any good.)

06 CLEARZONE Cisco wants to make it possible-- and easy-- for law enforcement to spy on all your Internet activities. The countdown to revolution begins...

07 INSTANT STAR TREK MOVIE PLOT GENERATOR Can't wait for Star Trek 9? Make your own movie!

08 MR. CRANKY The Chicago Tribune hosts a chat with the acerbic movie critic. Wear your asbestos headphones when listening.

09 PEANUT PRESS They're making electronic books for the PalmPilot, but not everybody is excited about this.

10 ARCADE.FROM-THE.NET Does anybody else think it's ironic that you need Java to play these classic arcade games?

11 BILL SUX Number Three on the Top Ten List of "Ways to Lose Your Job as an Intel Engineer": Etch anti-Microsoft graffiti on a new Pentium microchip.

12 WORDLESS Merriam-Webster's servers were stolen on July 30th. Police are now searching for a burglar with a new website and a very large vocabulary.


* with apologies to Jim Mullen

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