June 16, 1998
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by Curtis C. Chen

01 DX-BALL It's not your mother's Breakout!

02 CRASH And stock brokers all over North America say: "D'oh!"

03 THE LIST FOUNDATION Find lotsa cool stuff in the San Francisco bay area!

04 PHEROMONES "Like burning dollar bills... or maybe not?" -- Alder Yarrow

05 IBM Accused of trying to bribe Argentinian government! Interpol involved! Read all about it!

06 VRIP Over 15,000 managers are leaving AT&T this summer. But... uh... the rest aren't.

07 NEUTRINOS If they change flavor, they must have mass, right?

08 THE END OF THE INTERNET Apparently, it's in Newfoundland.

09 RANTING I know Russ. And you'd better listen when he tells you "it is not acceptable, it is NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE for a *single* post that is from a *person* talking to other *people* to be deleted, to be dropped on the uncaring floor to make room for machine generated spew. Period."

10 PUNK ANTHEMS "Gee, if only there were a double CD of all 50 state songs, and if only they were performed by punk rock bands like 9 Spine Stickelback, Dead Clown Pile and Pinhead Circus!"

11 MRS. WEINLICK A Minnesota man lets his friends and family (and even people on the Internet!) choose his bride. But he did get to pick his own china pattern.

12 STARDUST You too can sign up to have your name etched on a microchip and flown around a comet! (It's nice to know that NASA isn't wasting our tax dollars.)

13 LIVE CHILDBIRTH WEBCAST An Orlando woman is broadcasting the birth of her fourth child over the Net. It'll also be carried on The Surgery Channel.

14 NOKIA The cellular phone manufacturer will cancel an ad campaign featuring a German slogan which was previously featured at a Nazi concentration camp.

15 FIGHT THE FUTURE Don't understand what all the fuss is about? You've still got a few days to brush up on your X-stuff.


* with apologies to Jim Mullen

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