April 13, 1998
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by Curtis C. Chen

01 IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM? I heard a really cool a cappella version of this Joe Jackson song on the radio the other day. I think it's on this album. Just one more reason to send my money to CDNow...

02 FOX MULDER Yes, you did see a wedding ring on his hand in flashbacks from "Unusual Suspects" and "Travelers". No, Chris Carter won't tell us what's going on. Jerk.

03 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME I'm easily confused.

04 GASTROINTESTINAL FORTITUDE Something which I was lacking earlier this month. At least it wasn't hepatitis.

05 THEODORE STRELSKI I just heard the story of this Stanford math grad student who killed his advisor with a ball peen hammer in the 1970s. What is it with people of Slavic descent named "Ted" in university math departments?

06 EVE ASTRID ANDERSSON Not for nothing is she Miss Lyrics for April 1998 (she's kinda cute, too).

07 HBO Okay, so I did subscribe mostly just to see From the Earth to the Moon. It's cheaper than a trip to the Smithsonian.

08 TROOPS A parody of the "reality show" Cops, set in the Star Wars universe. But really, it could be anywhere in Nevada.

09 HACKERS New attack strategy: If you can't hack into the website, go for the ISP!

10 DVD It's all marketing. Evil, evil marketing.

11 alt.sysadmin.recovery Gavin Wasserman's favorite newsgroup.

12 WENDY O. WILLIAMS The Plasmatics cover girl passes on.

13 CHAFFING It's not encryption, and therefore isn't subject to export restrictions. Of course, newspapers have been doing this sort of thing for years...

14 CATERING Would you trust Canadian food, eh?

15 IRIDIUM DRAGON It's the pre-clue! Take your time...


* with apologies to Jim Mullen

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