March 9, 1998
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by Curtis C. Chen

01 WINDOWS DOWN NT is vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks? I'm shocked. I'm so shocked, I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die.

02 YAHOO! VISA Well, no, financially it's no better than any other credit card, but it's purple!

03 SCRABBLE TILES Say it ain't so!

04 DATING TIPS FOR GEEKS Brenda has way too much free time.

05 DIGITAL UPS Which begs the question: Why should I pay you to do something I can get for free by installing PGP? And after that stupid strike, why should I trust UPS anyway?

06 VINTAGE GILDER It's amazing what you can learn while building a website.

07 WEBBY AWARDS 1998 Touted as "the Oscars of the World Wide Web", but the real achievement here was assembling the panel of judges: How else would you get Scott Adams, Barbara Boxer, Dennis Rodman, Kevin Smith, and Hal Varian together in the same room?

08 DANNY BOY Figures. As soon as I get Torn out of my head, this charming melody takes its place...

09 LUNAR ICE It's official: there's water ice on the moon.

10 EILEEN COLLINS Meet the first woman to command a Space Shuttle mission.

11 BILL GATES PalmPilot? PalmPC? The fight may go to court. But if even his assistant can't tell them apart, what chance do the rest of us have?

12 JODIE FOSTER is pregnant.

13 ALDER YARROW See some of his photos on display at Cafe Torefazzone Italia, in downtown Palo Alto, until the end of March.

14 SNAKEDOC 98 March 7: Dry run, shooting the Urban Iditarod. March 11: Go to Texas.

15 THE GAME This year it's a Dragonhunt...


* with apologies to Jim Mullen

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