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04/12/2005 Entry: "storytellers are the best liars"
Posted by CKL @ 11:17 AM PST

"Narrative is one of the key components of entertainment. The last time you cried at the movies, you cried because bad things (or even good things) happened to someone you were made to care about. It was the narrative that made you cry, because you understood the stakes. Sophie's choice is only terrible when you internalize it, when it becomes your choice. You root for the hero because, in a real way, you have gone through what he has gone through. Video games take that identification one step further; I think that's one reason for their popularity.

"So the Terri Schiavo case was entertainment, only with real people. So it was information and entertainment. But it was also conducted at a highly abstract level, which tended to obscure the specific reality of the people. Thus, disinfotainment."

-- Jon Carroll in the SF Chronicle

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