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01/04/2005 Archived Entry: "Merry Xmas, Movie House!"
Posted by CKL @ 02:05 PM PST

Had a relaxing vacation last week, marred only by DeeAnn having the flu, which cancelled our trip to the Cartoon Art Museum. But we did manage to see quite a few movies:

It's a Wonderful Life
Xmas Eve at the Stanford Theatre. One of our holiday traditions.

The Fifth Element
Bought the Superbit DVD ($20 at Fry's) to try out my new DTS-capable A/V receiver. The movie's still a lot of fun, and the art direction is fantastic (in both senses of the word). So far, I can't hear a significant difference between DTS and Dolby Digital, and I believe Superbit is overrated, even for rabid videophiles.

Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2
Good, but not great. I know, it's blasphemy for a film geek to say that, but there it is. I didn't love The Godfather either. And am I the only one who thinks it's hypocritical for reviewers to bash David Mamet for being "mannered" and praise Tarantino for being "stylish"?

Shaun of the Dead
Hilarious, and unexpectedly touching. If you missed it in the theatre, get the DVD!

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Nice to look at, but with all the drama of an eight-year-old playing with his action figures. I hate to say it, but Hidden Frontier holds together better as a production shot on virtual sets. There's something to be said for actors with conviction, even if they are rank amateurs.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Featuring the best werewolf I've seen in a movie. And, unlike Van Helsing, I actually cared when the computer-animated puppets started fighting.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy
In one marathon, twelve-hour session, we watched all three extended version DVDs. And you think Frodo suffered...

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