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12/10/2004 Archived Entry: "Willow weep for me"
Posted by CKL @ 03:22 PM PST

Just as writers moved back and forth between "Buffy" and "Angel" in [Joss] Whedon's Mutant Enemy production stable, the same seems to be true in [J.J.] Abrams' little corner of the Disney lot.

"It's cool," Abrams says, "that the 'Lost' writers' building is right across the way from the 'Alias' one. I'll be looking for [David] Fury, and Fury will be in [Jeff] Bell's office, talking about an episode of 'Lost' or 'Alias.' I'll go over and be at 'Lost,' and Drew Goddard wrote an episode of 'Lost,' so Drew will be over there -- crying, I think."

"He's a very weepy man," Bell says.

"He's tall and weepy," Abrams says.

"Evidently," Bell says, "it's not easy being tall and handsome. There's a lot of weeping going on."

-- Zap2it

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