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12/08/2004 Archived Entry: "PalmSource Goes Native"
Posted by CKL @ 10:50 AM PST

PalmSource Acquires China MobileSoft, Will Develop Palm OS for Linux

PalmSource today announced entry into an agreement for the acquisition of China MobileSoft Limited (CMS), a leading Chinese mobile phone software company with business operations headquartered with its wholly-owned subsidiary, MobileSoft Technology (Nanjing), in China. PalmSource has also announced plans to work closely with the Linux Community to develop a version of the Palm OS that will run on top of Linux.
An operating system that runs... on another operating system?

Let's do some more research. A-ha!

An open letter from PalmSource to the Linux community

Q. How will Palm OS for Linux be implemented?
A. It will be a software layer on top of the Linux operating system...

Q. Why are you calling it Palm OS for Linux? Isn't that like saying you have an operating system on top of an operating system?
A. "Palm OS for Linux" is not the formal product name, it's just a description of what we're developing. Our software is known as Palm OS and we wanted to keep continuity with that.

I see. It's just marketing doubletalk. Basically, PalmSource is giving up on developing a lightweight operating system and trying to surf on top of the Linux/open source movement and benefit from that. Which is not necessarily a bad thing-- look at Mac OS X-- but it must be a sad day for all the former BeOS engineers, and any developers who drank the "Zen of Palm" Kool-Aid all those years ago.

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