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09/14/2004 Archived Entry: "Station Reconfiguration"
Posted by CKL @ 07:03 PM PST

Call me old-fashioned, but I think the fall TV season shouldn't start until mid- or late-September, one season should be a full 26 episodes, and "reality" television is the unholy spawn of lamebrained, no-intelligence-required game shows and daytime talk show circuses. I want good stories told by good storytellers, and so do you. So does everyone.

Just want the facts, ma'am? Here's a handy schedule grid and list of premiere dates.

I'd only seen one episode of Scrubs before this year, but I watched the season premiere, and it wasn't half bad. You can read about Jack & Bobby in my earlier post. The next premiere I care about is Gilmore Girls next Tuesday, heading into its 5th season now and-- for my money-- still going strong.

Then there's Smallville, which keeps getting more and more ridiculous but which I just can't ignore because I'm such a Superman fanboy. And Law & Order, which I don't watch so religiously any more but is still a solid performer.

Despite what NBC would have you believe, Thursday night is a cultural wasteland. Except maybe for Tru Calling, but I'm not optimistic about that mess, either.

Star Trek: Enterprise continues to limp along, and I'm still hoping that they can salvage some of the franchise's former glory, but again, not holding my breath.

West Wing hasn't been the same since Aaron Sorkin left. The last few episodes of last season are still hanging out on our TiVo's hard drive, but I doubt I'll watch them before TiVo deletes them to make space for newer recordings.

Malcolm in the Middle just makes me sad these days, when I think of the potential of the original premise: kid genius trapped in loser family! At some point, the producers decided that making every character on the show a loser would be funnier. I blame reality TV.

Hooray for the Simpsons!


Desperate Housewives sounds interesting, but unless the supernatural angle is more than just an excuse for ubiquitous voiceovers and stagey I'm-not-really-here blocking, I see it going downhill real fast.

LAX? No thanks, I'd rather watch Airline.

The blurb for Veronica Mars actually calls its setting a "multicultural, venomous little Peyton Place." Riiight.

Lost will probably pander shamelessly with references to Survivor, Cast Away, and Gilligan's Island. Well, we can always hope.

Why the hell is dr. vegas not capitalized?

There's no way The Inside can compete with Kim Possible, from which the premise (teenage secret agent girl!) is clearly ripped off, er, borrowed. I suppose the producers want to make it "darker." Dollars to donuts they pitched it as "Alias in high school."

American Dad could be another Family Guy, which was funny, yes, but man, was it all over the freakin' map. Does Seth MacFarlane suffer from ADD or what?

Not a good year for genre shows. But I guess that's no real surprise. Sigh.

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