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08/16/2004 Archived Entry: "Capsule Reactions"
Posted by CKL @ 03:53 PM PST

Finally got back to seeing movies this past week.

The Village: once upon a time, there was a shaggy dog...
Pieces of April: dude, that's totally a wig.
Nowhere in Africa: quiet and effective.
Once Upon a Time in Mexico: I am thrilled, yet confused.

April and Mexico were both shot on high-definition video, which was obvious in some scenes due to streaking or frame rate. I'm generally pro-film in the film vs. video debate, but the particular look of video gave April an immediate, home-movie feel that worked well; and the colors in Mexico were almost oversaturated, adding to the not-quite-real quality of the story. It probably helped that I watched both movies on DVD, which meant they were direct digital transfers with no loss of quality (and no pixelation issues from being projected onto too large a screen at too low a resolution).

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