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05/06/2004 Archived Entry: "CDs and DVDs Not So Immortal After All"
Posted by CKL @ 10:13 AM PST

From the Associated Press, via Yahoo! News:

Dan Koster was unpacking some of his more than 2,000 CDs after a move when he noticed something strange. Some of the discs, which he always took good care of, wouldn't play properly...

His collection was suffering from "CD rot," a gradual deterioration of the data-carrying layer. It's not known for sure how common the blight is, but it's just one of a number of reasons that optical discs, including DVDs, may be a lot less long-lived than first thought...

The aluminum layer that reflects the light of the player's laser is separated from the CD label by a thin layer of lacquer. If the manufacturer applied the lacquer improperly, air can penetrate to oxidize the aluminum, eating it up much like iron rusts in air.

Hmm... laser rot, anyone? At least with analog you can get some data. Go digital, and it's all or nothing. Not that I'd ditch DVDs to go back to LD, but let's be honest about the tradeoffs.

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Bye. Marcus von Gruenberg-Schmidt (a name Iím destined to have, later, I guess)

Posted by Marcus Eckert @ 05/07/2004 04:24 PM PST

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