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05/05/2004 Archived Entry: "SenderBase"
Posted by CKL @ 05:23 PM PST

"SenderBase is an email reputation service designed to help email administrators research senders, identify legitimate sources of email and block spammers. You are viewing a report on the top senders of email on the Internet based on data provided from over 28,000 organizations that receive email."

For the last 24 hours, the top 5 senders were (in order): Comcast (, Yahoo!, Road Runner, Comcast (, and Pac Bell. Hotmail was #8. AOL was #11. The point is, most people are using whatever email service was bundled with their Internet access. I suspect the two are still somewhat conjoined in many people's minds.

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I'd have thought AOL would have been ranked higher on that list.

Posted by Brett Cook @ 05/06/2004 07:04 AM PST

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