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05/04/2004 Archived Entry: "It's THREE fruitcakes, actually."
Posted by CKL @ 03:29 PM PST


Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street goliath that prides itself on its close relations with the world's leading businesses, has had a damaging row with Google that may have cost it $US100 million ($A138 million) in fees...

Goldman sources confirmed [CEO Hank] Paulson had placed calls to the search engine's backers through intermediaries but denied this was against Google's rules.

"What the hell is the chief executive supposed to do but make calls?" said one insider. "If that upset the two fruitcakes who run Google, so be it. Maybe they don't like Hank because he's bald."

I guess if you're going to be an unnamed source, you might as well say the most outrageous thing possible. I wonder if Eric feels slighted. Or George.

Replies: 12 comments

What a stupid man to annoy the quasi-billionaires in Gooooogle!
Especially in this floating time.
Wow, so envy Page and Brin. Be a billionaire as PhD student! Why i am still so poor?

Sigh! Could you please give me a gmail account as a comforter?

Posted by Yu Yang @ 05/04/2004 04:33 PM PST

Wow, that's sad and funny...I really don't know whether to laugh or cry. But I think laugh it is.

Maybe that guy is upset because he didn't get invited to Gmail, and it's his last futile attempt to get one...

Would it help if I called you a bald fruitcake?

Time is precious, thanks for reading this.

Posted by Alex @ 05/04/2004 05:32 PM PST


Posted by yansong @ 05/04/2004 06:15 PM PST


Posted by yansong @ 05/04/2004 06:17 PM PST

sorry for my rudeness,
I want a gmail.

Is possible?

Posted by yansong @ 05/04/2004 06:23 PM PST

Oh, i would like to call 3 applepies,umh?
Some guys blame the google's floating will be a big fault and the fatal blunder by George or Eric. I hope not, let's go and watch!
hope this is enough for me to get a gmail. Thanks!

Posted by YY Zhou @ 05/04/2004 06:52 PM PST

That is the business world.

COLD. BLOODLESS and Lots of backslashes.

If war is cruel, business is worse.

Posted by Harris @ 05/04/2004 06:57 PM PST

It's FOUR fruitcakes, actually... counting the CEO who tried to strike a backroom deal with a notoriously socially responsible company.

Considering some other bad decisions Paulson has made in the first quarter of 2004, he might just end up scrounging for gmail invites to sell on ebay when he doesn't get his bonus this year from G.S.

Posted by Brett Cook @ 05/04/2004 07:10 PM PST

Who the hell uses "fruitcake" as an insult anyway? Is that supposed to hurt? Oh, boo hoo, he called me a "fruitcake". Please, someone needs to tell "insider" he should use his god given right to cuss like a sailor!

Posted by Toni Farley @ 05/04/2004 08:25 PM PST

I hope Google continues to innovate after its IPO.

PS. Can I get an gmail invitation?

Posted by Ben @ 05/04/2004 08:33 PM PST

google will implode sooner or later

Posted by maria @ 06/28/2004 03:36 AM PST

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