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04/26/2004 Archived Entry: "Gmail for you"
Posted by CKL @ 11:11 AM PST

So I've still got 50 (yup, five-zero) Gmail invitations burning a hole in my pocket. Want one? Leave an interesting comment.
UPDATE (05 May 2004): No more invitations. But please, feel free to look around. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Replies: 40 comments

Me me...

Good stuff, I've read more google employee blogs in the past 30 minutes then I thought were out there. Interesting stuff. Gmail is going to take off like crazy. Keep on doing the right thing.

Posted by August @ 04/28/2004 12:58 AM PST

I think Google is great !! The search engine as we all know is awesome and hope the gmail will wipe off the hotmails and the yahoos (look at what happened to the yahoo search and altavistas).

Whats very important and is not noticed that much is the wau google is bringing web advertisers back in advertising !! Everyone .. form small time guys to big companies are advertising on google and adsense ... and this way tons of webmasters using the adsense have started earning quite a significant amount of ad money ... and all that for no heavy banner images or popups or pop-unders !! And no more get-a-commission-only-if-it-sells !!!

And as for gmails privacy concerns ... well does it matter if an algorithm scans your email to show you text based ads on the side of your emails based on the content ... well how does it matter ... who cares !!! And if you care , theres always a 2mb hotmail account waiting for you !

So I am waiting for my taste of gmail !!! And hoping that this comment of mine will earn me an invite to try the GMAIL !!! PLS !!!

Posted by deb @ 04/28/2004 01:23 AM PST

forgot to add this ... my email id is

Posted by deb @ 04/28/2004 01:25 AM PST

Interesting comment...

Well I work for the Microsoft Network so I guess there's some irony involved in me asking you for a gMail account!

I know for a fact nobody here reads MSN users email (Hey there are only so many strangers baby pictures you can look at in a day). So I wouldn't be too worried about Google and your privacy.

It's interesting though, there's a lot of hype within the internet community over Google's introduction into the web-based email market, but very little hype outside of that condensed group. Most internet users use what is easiest for them, and 9 times out of 10 that's based on their ISP's software, or any messenger they use on their PC.

MSN, Yahoo, and AOL all have the advantage of offering other services to go with the email account provided. MSN has the MSN browser, messenger, and an abundance of passport websites. Yahoo has a messenger and a browser. Aol has the same as MSN basically.

It'll be interesting to see what reasons Google will come up with as to why people are going to switch from their Hotmail / Yahoo / AOL accounts that are already in circulation.

Well, I hope this counts as interesting!

My email is


Posted by Rico @ 04/28/2004 03:30 AM PST

microsoft buys out hotmail and eventually they start charging people for the service. yahoo and others followed suit. but now gmail gives 1GB and it's free? this doesn't really make sense. either microsoft/yahoo etc are making a big mistake by charging people for the service or google is gonna lose money for all the server space they need.

perhaps the only reason is MS/yahoo thought they could retain the monopoly but it's not too hard to break into the webmail industry. what took gmail so long?

started using google before everyone else did...i sure would like to start using gmail before most other ppl do. hahaha

and while i'm searching online, i also come across which also gives 1GB space with POP3 access. if all the invites are gone, do check out spymac.

Posted by Michael @ 04/28/2004 07:12 AM PST

great job google! first they come out of nowhere with their great search engine, and now they're gonna beat everyone else with gmail!

I've actually tried using spymac but the site is pretty slow. it's nice to be able to use eudora or outlook to get mails from spymac but I'm sure gmail will have that done in no time!

actually does everyone know what the word google stands for? it's actually the name for the number 1 with a hundred zeros after it. apparently the inventor asked his son what's a good name for it and the son replied google. coz he was like 3 years old!

great job with your blog, keep up the good work!

Posted by Yvonne @ 04/28/2004 07:46 AM PST

I am facinated my the whole idea that there is/will be a free e-mail service with more space than the one that I pay for! Not to mention how much I love to see anyone beat MS at anything. As such I would dearly love to join in the fun and add to the user base asap.

Posted by jim @ 04/28/2004 09:19 AM PST

I am a research on Networks, Internet in particular at a University. I would be very happy to have a gmail account to see how it works, what kind of impact (traffic pattern, users¡¯ behavior, interacting with other traffic like real-time video, etc) it will put on the network, and how the big (1G) email account, as a totally new concept of network service, could change the way people use the network. Thank you very much!

Best Regards!

Li Hua

Posted by Hua Li @ 04/28/2004 09:26 AM PST

I just forgot post my email address: huali AT ... Thank you

Posted by Hua LI @ 04/28/2004 09:27 AM PST

I have been following gmail with great interest. I am eager to see how Google implements its clarity and simplicity in an email message. I think the conversations dispay and google-type email searching will be powerful tools.

I have noticed spymac, and a number of other sites (Israel and India) that have rapidly deployed 1GB email accounts as well. I find it amazing that people are worried about privacy at Google, but will send all their email to some Indian or spymac server. I have to assume that Google will treat my information much better that these other services, and provide a better product.

I am hopeful I can soon get the much dreamed of gmail acct.

Posted by sJones @ 04/28/2004 10:56 AM PST

I would like a gmail account! Here's my interesting comment:

There were not a whole lot of rules in my house when I was growing up, but the few that existed were strictly enforced. Clear your place after dinner was one. No more than an hour and a half of television was another. But the most strictly enforced was "No Barbies," and its accompanying rule, no scales in the house.
The two were closely intertwined: my feminist mother didn't want me to have either because she didn't want me to get a warped body image.

Barbie represented an unrealistic woman with inhuman proportions; triple-D breasts, 18 inch waist, and smooth hairless pubic area are not what most little girls will grow up to be, so I wasn't allowed to play with one. I was allowed to have a Barbie head — one of those "beauty stations" where you could style her hair and paint on blue eye shadow. Apparently, mom wasn't worried about me feeling ugly...just fat.

I did, on occasion, play with friend's Barbies, although even that was problematic — in kindergarten I got into a knock-down drag-out brawl with a playmate who insisted that those torpedoes on Barbie's chest were called "boobies." I'd never heard of such a thing, and corrected her by saying "No, those are Barbie's breasts." (Remember that in 1980 my mother was a registered nurse and midwife-in-training. She taught me the anatomical words.) Imagine my horror when, later that night, my mother explained that people have lots of silly terms for their body parts, and "boobies" was just one of many.

Posted by Ariel @ 04/28/2004 11:51 AM PST


Well, given that you have 50 invites and there are only 10 replies so far, looks like mine will at worst be the 11th most interesting reply:-) whats wrong with 11th come, first serve anyway?

would love a gmail invite - obviously am desperate enough to avoid waiting for the wide release!

Thanks a bunch - either way.

Posted by Kent @ 04/28/2004 11:55 AM PST

As a geek, I lose a lot of "geek cred" by not having a Gmail account already. I've beta tested all sorts of software for Microsoft (even Windows ME, sadly). It has been years since I've used my blogger account, and so I've missed out on the invitation for Gmail through that.

Personally I plan on using a Gmail account with one of my newest hobbies: Geocaching ( With Geocaching you are given a set of coordinates (Long/Lat, UTM, etc) and you use a GPS receiver to navigate to those coordinates. Once you get there you are to find the "cache" left behind which can contain anything from a logbook/pencil to trinkets, cash, pictures, etc. You can take something from the cache if you leave something behind. It's a high-tech treasure hunt and a neat way to make friends.

So I'd use this account for the newsletters they send announcing new caches, transferring topo maps back and forth between friends, and that sort of thing. And I'm seriously desperate for a beta invite.


Posted by Tim @ 04/28/2004 12:44 PM PST

Well you said "So I've still got 50 (yup, five-zero) Gmail invitations burning a hole in my pocket. Want one? Leave an interesting comment."

Well I'm not that interesting but maybe my comment is: If you could give me a gmail account it would be much appreciated because I'm visiting Japan for one month on business and I'm getting tired of my yahoo! mail. It would be great to be able to use a more efficient interface while I'm over here.

Posted by Ufdah @ 04/28/2004 02:59 PM PST

My email address didn't seem to go on that last try, here it is: TechGeek4God[at]

Posted by Ufdah @ 04/28/2004 03:02 PM PST

Gmail looks pretty sweet. I'm already using the Google API to do interesting things with their searching, it would be nice if they tied gmail into it also.

If you still have any left, I'd love to have one.

Posted by Cory @ 04/28/2004 04:29 PM PST

"From the dawn of time we came, moving
silently down through the centuries. Living
many secret lives, struggling to reach the
time of the Gmail, when the few who
remain will obtain some of your invitations.
No one has ever known we were among you.....until now!"

A Highlander needs Gmail to keep record of emails forever

Posted by Diego @ 04/28/2004 05:49 PM PST

well the thing is that my hotmail account is getting hacked and now i cant access it so im looking for something else, need to now, got hacked twice, thats not good. gmail sounds pretty good, i wonder if they will ever start something like msn, it would murder msn.. anyway, hope ure feeling generous and sympathetic. thanks

Posted by Ahsan @ 04/28/2004 05:56 PM PST

My email account was diego(at)

Posted by Diego @ 04/28/2004 06:27 PM PST

I would absolutely LOVE to have a Gmail account. I'll even trade you ten hotmail accounts and ten yahoo accounts for it!

I've been searching for Gmail invitations for a week straight now.

Please put me out of my misery!

My email address is, but I would LOVE


Posted by Ahmed @ 04/28/2004 07:42 PM PST

Hi - I'd love to try GMail. Interesting comment, eh? Hmm...

The social security number 078-05-1120 has been used by over 40,000 people since the 1930s. Apparently, a wallet manufacturer wanted to show how a real social security card would fit in their wallets, so they printed the number on fake social security cards. Even though the cards had the word "SPECIMEN" written across them, people still thought that 078-05-1120 was their own personal SSN.

Odd, huh?


Posted by baoding @ 04/28/2004 08:30 PM PST

Hi, I don't know if I can be interesting but I would love a gmail account. Google always does cool stuff and I can't wait to see what this will be like. The screenshots already have me excited to try it!

Claire -

Posted by Claire @ 04/28/2004 08:36 PM PST

hmm Interesting comment hey.....

Some people may find this interesting:

Even though this is most likley wide knowledge around the net Afghanistan has only ever produced 40 films including short films.

Just found that out this morning :-)

Would love a gmail account as at the moment I don't have a hotmail account as I got sick of signing on to search through the 100 emails for the one non spam mail.

Posted by Peter @ 04/28/2004 08:55 PM PST

Ahh, I would love a Gmail account, but interesting comments are hard to come by, especially when you're working on 12 hours of sleep for the last 4 days. Yes, I am damn tired. Did you know that your eyes can start shaking very violently if you're really tired? I know this from experience since it just happened to me. Definitely not a good sign, made me really dizzy. Unfortunately, I'm still working :( Please show your sympathy by giving me access to Gmail :)

Posted by Ceryen @ 04/28/2004 09:43 PM PST

Hmm, what would qualify as "interesting"? Does it just have to be interesting to SOMEbody (such :-)), or does it have to pique your interest?

Maybe you will find this interesting: I tried to get a Gmail account through Jason Sutter -- -- by submitting some (bad) poetry and art adhering to the rules of his contest. I didn't make the cut, apparently. :-( If you want to see my entry, it can be viewed here for a limited time:

Now THAT'S quality! Right? ...right? (Work with me here, folks...)

-- Nathan

(my e-mail address is linked to my name in the timestamp)

Posted by Nathan @ 04/29/2004 12:06 AM PST

Hm... interesting comment - maybe some Japanese vending machines will interest you. I found them amusing, to say the least. Also, anyone who doesn't know about NationStates should check that out too, it's neat.

Anyway, I'm hoping that's interesting enough to be G-Mail worthy (it would rock to see this thing in action, I still find it somewhat hard to believe despite having read the technical data on it)... regardless, it's now 1:30 and I've gotta wake up in 6 hours - uhm, uh oh.

Posted by Dag @ 04/29/2004 01:31 AM PST

Boobies are cool!!!

Can I please have an account :-)

Posted by Tom Johnstone @ 04/29/2004 03:33 AM PST

Interesting comment...I know one!

Well.... In one of my liberal studies classes here at college, we were discussing the definition of evil one day. One person said that evil's wish was to organize the world, take out all the excitment worry and other feelings, and put all things at the fingertips of people so they could destroy humanity. Now since that person obviously had not read the assigned reading which gave a completely different definition of evil, one student decided to make fun of that first student. The second student's comment? "So, by your definition, Google is the antichrist?"

:) May I have a free account?

Posted by Jason Silverman @ 04/29/2004 04:46 AM PST

Interesting, eh?

Nope. I'm just going to have to hope you take pity on my lack of creativity. Not that it's that much less than most of the comments above, but it's worth a shot.

Posted by Thomas Williams @ 04/29/2004 06:53 AM PST

Since the definition of 'interesting' varies from person to person, um... I'm going to focus on the feline you have adjoined to your avatar thang... I have two cats myself, but when they came to my possession I didn't want to fall into the trap of giving them an obvious cat name. So I decided to give them titles. Their names are Princess Turtle and President Jackson. So, those are kind of interesting, for cat names at least.

As a last ditch effort, it seems you're a fan of Angel, and maybe I can appeal to that! I think the most recent episode was pretty interesting, if a little on the Star-Trekky side of things.

Anyway, with or without handing off gmail, thanks!

Josh (

Posted by Joshua Ez @ 04/29/2004 07:14 AM PST

Hm... Interesting comment... Here goes:

Iron they're

It could also be:

Great and

or how about:

Insanity in

And for all those reasons... I want it!

Thanks for the chance, whether or not I get an invite. Of course, not getting the invite will mean this is the last thankyou you ever get before my accronym creating henchmen (ACHs), bash your face in.


Posted by Leland Paul @ 04/29/2004 10:14 AM PST

Well, in relation to your blogtitle of 'What Non-Aardvarks are pondering' I will give you the inside scoop on what the real Aardvarks are pondering. Or at least this one. Actually I might start off by explaining a bit more about Aardvarks:

An Aardvark is a large burrowing nocturnal ungulate mammal. So there you have it. I feel a bit ungulated at the moment.

Perhaps a Gmail account might give my hooves a little practice?

But back to what I was pondering, uhm oh yeah. I was actually just pondering about a Gmail account. That's it!

Posted by Sebas @ 04/29/2004 11:03 AM PST

I don't know if it warrants a gmail account, but I thought it was interesting. (Note, I work at LSU Health Science Center!)

Dog Bites Eyelid, Surgeon Reattaches It
The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS - She was home alone, putting her dog in its kennel when it snapped at her and bit her right upper eyelid. Alyssa Kieff pulled back. The lid ripped off.

Kieff, 22, of Marrero, had the presence of mind to put the lid on ice. Then she had to wait an hour for an ambulance - her call was listed just as a dog bite, not a missing eyelid.

An LSU Health Science Center microsurgeon, on call at West Jefferson Medical Center, sewed the lid back on. LSU and renowned microsurgeon Harry Buncke say it was a medical first. It kept Kieff from needing a more complex series of operations to create a new lid, an ocular plastic surgeon said.

It took six hours for a team led by Dr. Kamran Khoobehi to sew the lid back together, rebuilding a damaged tear duct and connecting blood vessels with sutures only barely smaller than the capillaries themselves.

For the next four days, doctors kept medicinal leeches on Kieff's face. The squirmy invertebrates' job was to drain excess blood and improve circulation in the area until the reconnected blood vessels could function on their own. On Easter, nine days after the operation, she got the good news: It was a complete success.

LSU announced the operation Monday, at a news conference with Kieff, her doctors and her family.

If doctors hadn't been able to reattach the lid, she would have faced far more daunting surgery.

When a tumor or burn requires removal of the upper eyelid, a new one can be made from the lower lid, said Dr. Richard Bensinger, a spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. A new lower lid is then built out of tissue from other parts of the face and mouth.

"It's a bit involved. It's usually done in several stages - though with remarkably reasonable results, when all is considered," said Bensinger, an ocular plastic surgeon at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.

A rich blood supply is a big part of the reason that facial cosmetic surgery is feasible, he said. "The face has such a fabulous blood supply that you can move things around and put them back on and they'll work pretty well."

Buncke, a San Francisco physician and one of the first microsurgeons in this country, said that as far as he knows, it's the first time an eyelid has been reattached.

But microsurgery may not have been necessary, Bensinger said.

"Microsurgery is needed when you have a tissue that really requires substantial arterial supply to be reconnected," he said. "Fingers are a good example. But the eye has a sort of diffuse blood supply. It'll revitalize itself if given half a chance - at least the eyelid."

While the entire upper eyelid is rarely torn off entirely, it's not unknown for it to be torn most of the way off, he said.

The mechanics of reattaching it are "not terribly difficult at all," he said. "You don't really have to identify blood vessels or nerves. Mostly what you want to do is get the soft tissue aligned inside and outside."

Since Kieff had put her lid on ice, "it could probably last 24 hours without a great deal of structural alteration," Bensinger said.

Posted by Vincent @ 04/29/2004 11:37 AM PST

The temptation of getting a GoogledMail has got me all Googled. I can hardly Google now that the Googling urge is really up to my Googling throat. If I can Googli-get a GoogledGMail from you, it will be Googlingly Gootiful...

If you think this passes, please google-mail me!

Posted by Vincent Wong @ 04/29/2004 12:18 PM PST

G-mail I desire
So searching for an invite
I submit, humbly.

Posted by Erin @ 04/29/2004 12:24 PM PST

i've spend the last 3 days trying to get this gmail thing, to see what's about; and i left beside big history test tomorrow, but yet i'm still looking for this gmail, at least if i get a bad grade i could get one account; don't you think?

Posted by Ricardo @ 04/29/2004 01:10 PM PST

I don't have much more interesting to say, but I'm looking for a Gmail invite. If this is good enough, please email me! :-)

Posted by Hoyd @ 04/29/2004 02:51 PM PST

All my friends have gmail invitations and I feel left out! Please please make me cool again.

Thanks mate

Posted by Neil Russell @ 04/29/2004 03:23 PM PST

i'd marry google if it could ask me. i love it dearly, and feel a strong desire to beta test it's newest brilliant product. please please please! a gmail account would make today better than my birthday by like a million.

Posted by margaret @ 04/29/2004 04:57 PM PST

Hi there, I appreciate the offer of an invite - here's a look at what they are selling for on eBay


Posted by Peter Herrmann @ 04/29/2004 05:51 PM PST

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