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04/14/2004 Archived Entry: "Headline of the day"
Posted by CKL @ 08:14 AM PST

From CNN: "Jilted chef admits sawing off wife's head"

Replies: 4 comments

Oh,Geeze! What a loser as a man!
It is too terrible to use a saw!
Actually he is not a chef, definitely a butcher!

PS: Actually i am not enjoying reading this post. I think that's why there are no comments on this one. But hope i can get a gmail invitation from you :)

Posted by Zhi Zhang @ 05/03/2004 01:44 PM PST

needless to think more on him, as he is insane. no sane person can do it. may be who knows, i don't really understand sanity and insanity when i see these people. i donno, all that i wanted is a gmail account, but got jumbled up after reading this news. though now feeling like doing nothing anymore, look at selfish me: still typing something here to get a gmail account. whatever, it was supposed to be interesting; and now look at it. anyways, last try to make it interesting:


Posted by Shaam @ 05/04/2004 05:59 PM PST

"I tried to strangle her," he replied.

"You DID strangle her," the judge corrected him.


Posted by John Allen @ 05/04/2004 10:59 PM PST

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