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04/13/2004 Archived Entry: "No taxation without weirdness"
Posted by CKL @ 05:26 PM PST

From CNN Money's article on America's Strangest taxes:

Playing card tax: If you want a deck of cards in the state of Alabama, be prepared to shell out an extra dime. The state government has levied a 10-cent tax on the purchase of a playing deck that contains "no more than 54 cards". If you object to this, get your playing cards in a different state, or buy a deck with an extra joker.
Yet another reason to play Fluxx.

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Here in Spain, there is a Association called SGAE. It is composed by some singers, and some enterprises from the music industry.

They have convinced our government to give us a new gift. We have to pay a tax for a blank CD-R, hard drive, flash memory (digital camera), mp3 player, scanner, and a lot of things more. And they are trying to convince the government to make the libraries pay a tax for the books. They are trying to make the pubs and public sites to pay them a tax, this is illegaly because they are trying to convinced to firm a contract that isnīt necessary to firm (at the present).

The Spanish people disagree with the SGAE tax, because the money goes directly to SGAE, that arenīt all the singers and industry, and because we are convinced that our scanners, digital cameras, and all of our CDR are not going to be used to copy music, obviously. And the tax in the library books... no comments...

The Spanish people has done a google bombing, If you search the word "ladrones" (in english thieves) you will see the Sgae Web in the first position.

There is another type of activism, we called it "CD Crossing", we copy a music cd, and we put it in a public site, with a note that explains the taxes we pay, and that you should copy this cd and put it in other site.

There are many associations against Sgae, one called Putasgae (translating will be... fuckingSgae), Sincanon (translating withoutthattax, this association is made by the Linux community in Spain, that has to pay the tax in the cds of the linux distributions), etc.

Please excuse me If I have written grammar mistakes.

Posted by Diego @ 04/30/2004 01:31 AM PST

Wow, this is an interesting tax. Are they counting that extra card you get in the deck that shows you how to play a few games? I can see a lot of companies making special decks just to escape this tax. I also can see your tax dollars spent just to define what exactly constitutes a 54 deck of cards, and which cards are included in the counting. Does the Joker count since it's often wild?

Posted by Chris @ 04/30/2004 02:11 PM PST

If you're going to bring up the dumb tax laws you should also point out how stupid some local laws are (i.e. must have brail on the drive-through atms -odd that a blind person wouldn't go inside or that someone who couldn't read could use the brail instead.) Here Alabama has a few more odd laws.
P.S. I would still really like a gmail invitation

Posted by letcp @ 04/30/2004 03:21 PM PST

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