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04/10/2004 Archived Entry: "Phone companies suck...don't they?"
Posted by CKL @ 12:37 AM PST

Here's what the letter said:

"As agreed when you placed your order on our SBC website, by continuing to subscribe to SBC Yahoo! DSL Internet access service for the next year, you will pay only $29.95 per month for the next 12 months for this service as our way of thanking you, our valuable customer... It will take up to 2 billing cycles for the new pricing to reflect on your monthly billing statement [which currently shows $49.95 for DSL service -CKL]. Once that change appears you will receive the discounted price for a full 12 months."

And here's my translation:

"Thanks for supporting our antiquated but near-complete monopoly! To show our appreciation, even though you've generously chosen to do business with us instead of any of our competitors-- not that you have much of a choice, ha ha!-- we're going to gouge you for an extra $40 because, well, we can. What are you going to do, run to fucking Comcast and pay them $60 a month for even shittier service? Yeah, that's what we thought. So shut up and enjoy your pr0n, you 8XL luser."

Maybe I've just been watching too much Deadwood.

(Thanks to Chris Nichols for inspiring the title of this entry.)

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behavior like that is what lead to the lawsuit referenced here:

Posted by jim @ 04/28/2004 09:20 AM PST

Deadwood is a fantastic show. I love that it is a western, and the imagery is fantastic. The only problem is they are following history pretty closely, which means if you know Jack McCall would be killing Wild Bill, the movie lost some of the suspense.

Posted by August @ 04/29/2004 06:42 PM PST

What's getting me real scared is, we hate phone companies, cable companies, power companies, but it would suck even more if they were all one company. That's what many are doing. Some power companies are offering cable over power or broadband over power. You plug a box into your power outlet and you get broadband or cable tv, and the joy of being billed by one company for a HUGE amount of money for the service. I personally don't mind using different companies for different things, that way I can chose what I want and how much I want it for.

Posted by Chris @ 04/30/2004 02:31 PM PST

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