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03/02/2004 Archived Entry: "Disney does Narnia"
Posted by CKL @ 08:02 AM PST

From The Hollywood Reporter via CNN:

[T]he Walt Disney Co. has struck a deal with Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz' Walden Media to co-finance and distribute "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."

Budgeted at more than $100 million, according to sources, the film is scheduled to begin shooting in the summer, with "Shrek" director Andrew Adamson [my link -CKL] at the helm.

The film, the first installment of Walden's "Chronicles of Narnia" franchise based on the series of children's fantasy books by C.S. Lewis, will be released at Christmas 2005...

So, basically, now that Lord of the Rings has proven that fantasy epics can succeed at the box office, Disney wants to cash in by making a more kid-friendly saga which they can market the hell out of. I'm not saying it might not be good, but this appears to be a business decision rather than a labor of love like Peter Jackson's, and I'm not optimistic.

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