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02/15/2004 Archived Entry: "Goin' to the (figurative) chapel"
Posted by CKL @ 11:11 AM PST

DeeAnn and I booked the location for our wedding yesterday. No, we didn't do it on Valentine's Day purposefully; it just happened that the woman in charge of renting the place was free in the afternoon and we were able to meet her to draw up all the paperwork. Now we just have to whittle our guest list down to a manageable size without offending too many people.

People seem to have all sorts of strange expectations for a wedding that they wouldn't have for any other kind of party or event. Hopefully we've already established ourselves well enough as iconoclasts that nobody will be too surprised at our non-traditional plans. In any case, they'll just have to deal with it. Whose wedding is it anyway?

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