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01/26/2004 Archived Entry: "Useless web site of the day"
Posted by CKL @ 03:43 PM PST

A friend of mine invited me to a Super Bowl party on Sunday. I'm not a football fan, and I wanted to find out which teams were playing, so I went to to look it up. Surprise! Not a single freakin' mention of the team names anywhere on the home page. I had to go to "scoreboard" to find the region names, and then go to two different pages to see the team names. That's two levels deep, at least five clicks, not at all intuitive, and totally unacceptable.

Let's think for a minute: what is, possibly, the most important information related to the Super Bowl? The date? Hey, that's on the home page, in tiny text in a non-searchable header image. The teams who are playing? Well, gee, I guess that's not so important, otherwise it would be easy to find.


I suppose the site designers thought that if I were actually a football fan, I'd already know which teams were playing. Well, it's nice to be repudiated so immediately upon visiting a web site. I know when I'm not welcome. The incompetent morass that is will never sully my web browser again.

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