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01/19/2004 Archived Entry: "The Lost Weekend"
Posted by CKL @ 11:47 AM PST

I had brought my laptop home on Friday, thinking I might have some time to work on Python programming over the weekend. Boy, was I wrong, and I'm glad.

Saturday: went out to breakfast, ran into Elena at Hobees and chatted. Drove by the bank and got cash. Stood in line at Fry's to return unwanted netcam. Stopped by Ray's house to help sort his LEGO collection and watch Coupling. Got dinner at Jamba Juice. Went to Game Night at Laura & Alexei's.

Sunday: walked with IdaRose & Neil to Farmers Market and got breakfast to go. Visited Woman's Club of Palo Alto to see if we like it for a wedding location. Shopped at Trader Joe's. Went to Annie's 30th birthday party and wine tasting. Had a late tea and Dickens reading at Pauline's. Ended the night with Loren & Suzie, cooking pizza with homemade dough and chatting until midnight.

Should probably have tried to get more than six hours' sleep last night, but overall, no regrets.

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