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01/14/2004 Archived Entry: "Game On"
Posted by CKL @ 09:28 AM PST

Last night, Acorn, who works for EA, brought over a pre-release copy of James Bond: Everything or Nothing (does that mean it's James Bond: Binary?) and a development PS2 to show off his collision detection code.

This was cool for two reasons: first, I got to play the game a good month before its actual release (plus probably several more until it's available for Xbox); and second, the assembled geeks had an in-depth discussion of why and how the development PS2 hardware will only play specially encoded discs, which are also digitally watermarked with Acorn's name.

Of course, the real money for EA would be in selling official, licensed expansion packs for The Sims, if they could ever work it out with the copyright owners. James Bond, the Simpsons, Star Trek, Harry Potter...

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