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01/06/2004 Archived Entry: "They Call Him Bruce"
Posted by CKL @ 09:37 AM PST

Science fiction author Bruce Sterling provides some much-needed perspective:

"Iím not really all that interested in what Hollywood does with its stuff. I mean, theyíre only the size of the porn industry. I think the real revolution is in industrial production. Itís about manipulating factory processes, itís about mass customization, itís about a revolution in industry that gets the toxins out of the air and is more efficient by, say, a factor of four than what we had. When that happens weíll have a genuinely new world. Playing movies off handhelds, thatís not really that big of a deal."

And a qualified endorsement:

"Iíve got Google up all the time. It gives you this veneer of command of the facts which you do not, in point of fact, have. Itís extremely useful for novelists but somewhat dangerous if youíre pretending to be a brain surgeon."

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