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12/19/2003 Archived Entry: "a dearth of sf"
Posted by CKL @ 07:02 PM PST

Sci Fi Wire, "a news service of the Sci Fi Channel," runs a sidebar on the left side of its page listing the top 10 Nielsen-rated genre shows for that week. Currently, the sidebar includes this depressing disclaimer:

"Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 11/17/03 - 11/23/03. Fewer than 10 entries appear this week, because fewer than 10 SF&F programs aired during the week on broadcast networks [my emphasis -CKL]."

Okay, so there are other shows running on cable-- HBO's excellent "Carnivale", for instance-- and in syndication. But still, out of 115 hours of broadcast network programming every week, only 9 hours (less than 8%, if you're counting) are devoted to science fiction and fantasy? And at least 3 of those hours totally suck ass?

Like I said, depressing.

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