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12/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Insufficient Exposure"
Posted by CKL @ 02:17 PM PST

Robert Scott probably doesn't want me deep linking to his very cool Urban Tarot Card Set images, but it's his own damn fault for putting all his web site content into a Flash chunk. I really don't understand why you would publish something for the world to see, but then make it unnecessarily difficult to access.

Sony has been advertising the Spider-Man 2 teaser like crazy, but distributing it in a similarly annoying Flash chunk, which can't be resized and streams poorly to boot. Fortunately, you can get it in Quicktime instead.

When will people learn that Flash is only good for a very small, limited set of applications? Not everything needs to be animated. Not everything needs to make noise all the freakin' time.

I'd better stop before I start spewing like a net.geezer...

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