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12/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Not your father's Battlestar"
Posted by CKL @ 08:30 AM PST

I've watched the first half of the Sci Fi Channel's new Battlestar Galactica miniseries, and so far, I'm not terribly impressed.

The good:

  • Edward James Olmos, but we knew that.
  • Mary McDonnell, but we knew that, too.
  • The new Vipers actually don't look half bad.
  • The drums-only battle music sets the mood pretty well.
  • Boomer is an Asian woman, and she appears to have a significant supporting role.

The bad:

  • Yet another series with Robots Who Look Just Like People. Sigh. Doesn't anybody think that, given the choice, robots-- especially those who hate humans-- would choose a more efficient form?
  • Bland costume design. What's the point of making an entirely new fleet of uniforms if you don't make them look cool?
  • Choppy editing, and a story spread too thin over too many characters. I don't know if this is endemic to miniseries, or if it's just Sci Fi Channel, but Taken had the same problem: too many highlights, not enough connective tissue.
  • Boomer is a weepy, hackneyed stereotype of a woman.

The ugly:

  • What the frack is up with all the shaky camera work? It's like NYPD Blue shot by an amateur videographer with epilepsy. It's not "hip" or "realistic;" it's just annoying.
  • Inane tagline: "Never create what you can't control." Parents create children they can't control, all the time, especially when they grow into teenagers. I hate it when people condemn the practice of "playing God," but praise parenthood. What's the damn difference?

I did, however, have fun playing along with the bumpers leading into commercial breaks:

ANNOUNCER: Battlestar Galactica will continue.
CKL: ...whether you like it or not!

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