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12/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Swedish Chef? Iron Chef? Naughty Chef."
Posted by CKL @ 09:25 AM PST

There's an interview with Neil Gaiman in the current issue of Science Fiction Weekly, in which he mentions a hypothetical pornographic cookbook:

[SFW:] Is there anything you won't tackle?

Gaiman: No. It hasn't come along yet. It's that point where I suddenly go, "You know, nobody's ever written a really interesting pornographic cookbook." Then suddenly I'm hooked. It's the challenge of learning and of continuing to move. If you aren't learning, things get very dull very quickly.

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time he's mentioned such a thing. From
...I don't have any plans to do stuff under a ghost-name, as A) My brand-identity as an author is already so hopelessly muddled that I can't imagine something I'd want to write that would have a publisher pursing its publishy lips and saying "Perhaps you should put out the pornographic cookbook under a different name...?" They'd just shrug and say "Oh. A pornographic cookbook. Right," and let me get on with it. And B) I'm not prolific enough that I'd face, for example, the problem Steve King did when he brought out the Bachman stuff.
Perhaps more oddly, this isn't the first time someone has pondered Neil's mention of such a book:
(excerpts from a conversation about Neil Gaiman)
Joh: Now he'll get dozens of emails asking for a pornographic cookbook/poetry chapbook in one.
Cam: But a pornographic cookbook ... would it be like... "how to cook whilst having sex"?
Joh: Spatula, anyone?
Or casual sex acts while cooking?
Cam: I mean... it couldn't just be cooking naked. That would be a naked cookbook, not a pornographic one.
Or would it be like "he took his warm firm meat and slipped it gently into her creamy sweet dough... then things started to get hot"?
Joh: And now that the pigs in a blanket are baking, let's have sex!
I'm telling you, it's a meme just waiting to happen. All together, now: What do we want? A pornographic cookbook! When do we want it? Around tea time!

I should point out that foodporn is something totally different.

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