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11/05/2003 Archived Entry: "The wait is over."
Posted by CKL @ 10:32 PM PST

My initial review of Matrix Revolutions: Insufficient closure. The special effects were cutting-edge cool, as expected, but the humans could have used some strategy lessons. And the Wachowski brothers could benefit from a keener sense of irony. (Imagine if, instead, the Coen brothers had made the Matrix movies... Tim Blake Nelson is The One!)

Also, perhaps not inappropriately, Happy Guy Fawkes Day if you're British. Enjoy the bonfire.

The Angel set visit finally went for $16,400 on eBay-- in the low five figures, as I predicted-- and also to the bidder I predicted: a "24 year old single mother who ... could sell an ice cube to an Eskimo" and is "one hundred percent certifiably CRAZY over Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Just call me the Oracle. Cookie?

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