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11/04/2003 Archived Entry: "But wait, there's more!"
Posted by CKL @ 04:51 PM PST

The bidding for the Set Visit of WB's Angel TV Show has risen to $5,350. I would say that's insane, but I suspect it'll get into the low five figures before tomorrow night, when the auction ends. I will reserve judgment until then.

The sad thing is, the dinner with Buzz Aldrin-- one of the first men on the Moon-- is only up to $570. He walked on the Moon. The freakin' Moon, people! He rode a 360-foot rocket out of the Earth's atmosphere and traveled 200,000 miles to (wait for it) THE MOON! To the moon, Alice!

Why aren't we spending more money on manned space exploration? Because people would rather watch TV. Maybe we should just go ahead and fake a manned mission to Mars. James Cameron could direct it...

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