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10/28/2003 Archived Entry: "Off the hook"
Posted by CKL @ 08:44 AM PST

Came home last night to find that our telephone had no dialtone, and more importantly, our DSL was out. Called the nice DSL customer service people, who took a whole bunch of information and gave me a case number before telling me that I had to call the main customer service line because they couldn't do anything until after I got my dialtone back. Thanks, bub. I then spent way too long navigating IVR menus because, of course, the main customer service folks go home at six o'clock.

Eventually, I made an appointment for a repair tech to come out this afternoon between 4pm and 8pm. (My other choices were: anytime after 8am, between 8am and noon, and between 1pm and 6pm. Riiight.) I'm gambling that either they won't show before 6pm (when I expect to get home), or it'll turn out to be a problem outside the house and they'll just fix it and leave a note on the door, like they did last time.

I'm feeling lucky.

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