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10/27/2003 Archived Entry: "wedding plans"
Posted by CKL @ 12:12 PM PST

Last night, DeeAnn and I drove by Freedom Hall, a wedding venue in Santa Clara. It's right next to a Marriott and just down the street from Mission College, the AMC Mercado 20 movie theatre, and Great America. It also happens to be in a business park and, apparently, shares the space with De La Cruz Deli during the week. It was after dark when we got there-- damn that Daylight Savings Time change!-- so we'll have to go back during the day. Maybe it looks better from the inside.

This is the problem: we don't have any locations that are already meaningful to us which would be appropriate for a wedding or reception. I know friends who've held weddings at favorite restaurants (all of ours are smallish) or local churches (we're not religious) or in their backyard (too small for our nearly 200 guests). Another problem is that we're thinking of the whole thing as a big party, but say the word "wedding" and people have all kinds of preconceived notions about what we need to do and how much we have to spend.

It's tough being in the minority.

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congrats curt. pocket the dough and get married at the courthouse. but take nice wedding photos. it'll appeal to your inner utilitarian.

Posted by woo @ 10/28/2003 08:36 AM PST

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