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10/22/2003 Archived Entry: "Bad Tarzan! No banana."
Posted by CKL @ 09:56 AM PST

In case you were wondering, The WB's Tarzan sucks. Some of the acrobatic stunts are pretty cool, and I have it on good authority that Travis Fimmel is hot, but overall, pretty damn crappy.

They tried something similar last year, with the also-sucky Birds of Prey. Unfortunately, as long as misguided teenagers and dirty old men keep watching Smallville, they're going to keep trying this. Maybe they'll figure it out someday: purely episodic television is dead!

But the thing that bugs me most is the overuse of music as a substitute for actual character development. I don't need a Creed song playing in the background to tell me how to feel about a scene. Give me dialogue, or hey, how about some acting? If I want to see a music video, I'll watch VH1.

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