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10/17/2003 Archived Entry: "Day 5: What do you want, information?"
Posted by CKL @ 06:03 PM PST

After five days, I'm starting to get a sense of the high-- dare I say, great-- expectations that my new co-workers seem to have for me. I think I've been managing to live up to them so far, which hasn't been easy, what with attending various training sessions and orientation meetings and starting to get up to speed on the back-end system details which aren't covered in training...

Fundamentally, it's a lot of learning. A lot. And a lot more learning than I've had to do for my day job in several years.

I love it.

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Dude.....Where the hell are you working?

Posted by Maricon Velasco @ 10/23/2003 08:43 AM PST

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