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10/17/2003 Archived Entry: "TV or not TV"
Posted by CKL @ 12:21 AM PST

According to the latest TiVo Newsletter:

Top 10 Season Pass™ Recordings

1. Friends
2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
3. The West Wing
4. Sex and the City
5. ER
6. Survivor: Pearl Islands
7. Will & Grace
8. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
9. CSI: Miami
10. Alias

Based on anonymous, aggregated data, week ending 10/5/03

Compare that with the traditional TV ratings:

Nielsen Media Research Top 20 - Week of Sept. 29-Oct. 5, 2003

1. CSI
2. Friends
3. ER
4. Everybody Loves Raymond
5. Law & Order
6. (football)
7. Survivor: Pearl Islands
8. Scrubs
9. CSI: Miami
10. Will & Grace
11. West Wing
12. (football)
13. Two and a Half Men
14. Without a Trace
15. 8 Simple Rules
16. (baseball)
17. Law & Order: Criminal Intent
18. Cold Case
19. King of Queens
20. Coupling

as reported at

Okay, so this isn't apples to apples, since people might have recorded or watched other shows without having created Season Passes for them. But notice that "Sex and the City" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", which are on cable, aren't even represented in the Nielsen ratings. Does anybody else think more people would be watching these shows if they were more readily available? And how long will it be before TiVo starts offering special Season Passes for sports tournaments? I'm sure lots of subscribers would be willing to pay a few dollars extra to make sure they caught every game of the World Series, or Wimbledon, or (insert name of playoffs here)...

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