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10/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Day 2: Made very welcome."
Posted by CKL @ 11:50 PM PST

Spent most of my second day at the new job in training. Most of tomorrow will be more training. It gets a bit mind-numbing after a few hours, but the mere fact that there's a policy covering "porn ratings" is great.

And it's refreshing to be at a company that actually takes security seriously. The trainer wouldn't even let us take our binders out of the conference room. Plus, all the conference room data ports are outside the corporate firewall, so you need to VPN in using a code card.

Of course we'd all be happier if security wasn't necessary and everybody would just be excellent to each other, but given that we live in a world that has walls, I like people who know how to build and guard those walls. And I want those people on my side.

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