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10/14/2003 Archived Entry: "Road Trip Review"
Posted by CKL @ 11:36 PM PST

As I mentioned earlier, DeeAnn and I were in San Diego this past weekend. We drove instead of flying, mainly because I wanted to see how we'd do on a longish road trip. I had also been hoping that I could get some friends to come along, but that didn't work out.

Of course, we'd driven from Chicago to the bay area back in 1998, but that was a multi-day journey with lots of stops and built-in distractions from the two cats in the back of the car. And going up to Mendocino for New Year's Eve, 1999, had been a bit taxing, but our previous trip up there, for Thanksgiving, had gone pretty well.

We can get to a lot more places by driving than we can by flying, especially in and around the bay area. And going down to southern California is a bit of a toss-up; flying might take a little less time, but can be more stressful, and not having a car in Los Angeles is really inconvenient.

If we do this again, we'll probably take our time getting down to LA, maybe spend the night somewhere or at least stop along the way to do some sightseeing.

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