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10/12/2003 Archived Entry: "Weekend Update"
Posted by CKL @ 08:54 PM PST

I just returned today from The First Annual BuffyFest San Diego, where I saw a screening of Chance (and then got the DVD for "free"-- more on that later), was converted to Judaism by the mystical on-stage crooning of Adam Busch and Danny Strong, and learned that Alyson Hannigan got married yesterday.

Okay, so I didn't really get converted-- I like my foreskin too much for that-- and besides, everyone knows you need at least three Jews for it to be a proper beit din. And no, I didn't really get the Chance DVD for free; as the film's writer-director-producer-cheerleader Amber Benson told me, because the production hasn't actually paid their actors yet, SAG rules prohibit them from selling the DVD or VHS tape. However, they can give it away for free as a promotional item. So I bought an overpriced 8x10 glossy and got a "free" DVD, both of which my close personal friend Amber signed just for DeeAnn and me.

But yes, Alyson really tied the knot yesterday. Lucky dog.

I also met Amber Benson's mom, who is very nice, and Robin Sachs, who is very British. I picked up an album by Adam Busch's band, Common Rotation. Their cover of TMBG's "Don't Let's Start" goes on for about a minute too long, but is otherwise pretty damn good.

Andy Hallett never made it, and Sarah Hagan was pretty shy on stage, but not so much when stagefighting with her little sister. I felt kinda bad for James Leary and Mark Lutz, whose autograph table had been jammed into a hallway, and who didn't seem to be getting many takers for their $10 John Hancocks.

Did I mention that I met Amber Benson? Am I drooling again? I'll stop now.

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