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10/08/2003 Archived Entry: "You Fools!"
Posted by CKL @ 11:54 AM PST

Well, I guess the pendulum is swinging back now. How much fun is it to have a two-party political system?

The astonishing thing, to me, is how geography affects voting. Check out the county-by-county map of returns from yesterday's California statewide special election. Green indicates a "yes" vote for the gubernatorial recall, and red indicates "no:"

Now compare that to the 2000 Presidential election results by county. Redder regions indicate a higher percentage of votes for Gore, and more bluish regions indicate more votes for Bush:

It seems clear that there's a critical mass of something in the population centers of the United States, something which doesn't exist in sufficient quantities in rural areas-- and I'm not talking about Democrats. I won't call it "intelligence," but I think people who live closer to new technology and radical ideas are more likely to embrace progress on a variety of fronts. Call it a difference in culture. There's something there, and we need to start dealing with it before the chasm becomes uncrossable.

Just my opinion. Could be wrong.

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