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09/05/2003 Archived Entry: "War! What is it good for?"
Posted by CKL @ 09:15 AM PST

In a San Francisco Chronicle story about Jessica Lynch's $1 million book deal, Mark Morford says:

The fabric of war consists not of gallant battles fought by hardy soldiers for some noble collective good yay yay go team, but of manufactured tales of valiant brotherhood and purebred heroism designed to make the vile pill slightly less bitter. War is, of course, vicious and primitive and disgustingly violent and not the slightest bit gallant...

Meanwhile, over at Reason Online, Virginia Postrel reflects:

War is stupid and wasteful and cruel and necessary. "People die," says Buffy. "You lead them into battle, they’re going to die. It doesn’t matter how ready you are or how smart you are. War is about death. Needless, stupid death." The next day, she goes to war. And good people die.

I don't know if "liberating" Iraq was the right thing to do. And I'm not sure it would make me feel better if I thought it was. But I believe these words, which Virginia distills from Buffy's moral universe:

Evil must be fought. Evil never goes away.

The world is a very big place, and I am very small. I do what I can.

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